Blends, infusions, smoothies & much more 


Since opening in May 2014, Tom Foolery has worked closely with local artisan roaster, Horsham Roaster. We love them because they share our passion and they are truly brilliant at the tricky art of roasting a coffee bean to absolute perfection. We then take it, make it and serve it to you as liquid gold.

We are very proud to have uniquely collaborated with the fine folks up at Horsham to create our own exclusive blend, Fool’s Gold. Combining 70% Brazil Freitas Farm, Mundo Novo with 30% Rwanda Bwishaza, Red Bourbon, we think it’s one of the finest coffees we’ve ever tasted, and lots of our customers agree! Come and see what youthink!

But it’s not all about the coffee. We have a truly delicious selection of teas and infusions, courtesy of our friends at Metro Deco Teas, Brighton. Or why not try one of our range of specialist drinks, like our pretty as a picture beetroot latte?

We also have a great range of healthy supplemented drinks and smoothies.