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As any of you who have been along to Tom Foolery will know, we love our music!
We are also passionate about supporting local artists and host a rolling programme of exhibitions throughout the year.


For the love of it – Sharing the joy!


Every individual piece is loving hand-made by myself Stephanie Young, an independent trader based at Shoreham-by-sea in the UK. There is a full process of care starting from delicately cleaning each item to remove decades of grim, then restoring its natural beauty with a variety of techniques to embellish, preserve and stop the ageing process. On the opposite end I age and tarnish additional fixtures, fittings, screws and bolts to compliment each vintage item. Then there is a choice of colour and design of the fixture, cable, bulb, right down the to the plug to create a bespoke design. The aim is not to just make a lamp, but to give it a personality of its own.

The special thing about making these one-off individual lamps it that every piece has a story to tell. I find it really interesting discovering the history of each item. I believe the new owners will also enjoy this snapshot of past times, so I provide a gift card keepsake with each lamp.

LampJunkieUK is an independent local trader. All my lamps are hand-made with love and are one-off pieces and are not highly manufactured.

I love working with my hands, creating something real out of an idea, getting out and about to rummage for the perfect item and connecting with the local community. My passion is limitless and I hope to bring some of this excitement into the lives of others.

It is always a very sad occasion when someone close passes away. We left with a lot of memories, but also a variety of belongings. Some objects are too precious to throw away. By upcycling into a bespoke lamp you can turn this keepsake into something unique to be displayed in your home or office. To be treasured and admired. Please contact me to discuss further.

I am always looking for new people to work with and create some amazing bespoke lamps – so let’s talk commissions! Perfect for the enthusiast, sports person, car crazed personality, passionate chief, brave traveller… I can make a gift like no other, made to order, with the receiver in mind.

For business this is also a great way to show your customers your adventurous side. How about a vintage hairdryer lamp for a salon, typewriter for a publishers, abacus for an accountants… the list is endless! Contact me today so we can start this journey together!

Why not customise the plug and colour of cord – there is so much to talk about – I’m excited, are you?

You can follow #LampJunkieUK on facebook and Instagram for all my latest adventures and a sneaky peek into what I do.

Our fabulous previous exhibitors

Donald Sayer

Donald uses discarded items foraged from Shoreham Beach to create his beautiful, poignant art:

“I moved to Shoreham by Sea 10 years ago to be closer to the beach. I’ve always been interested in the environment and ways to make a difference, even a small one. I started to see more and more rubbish littering the beaches so I started cleaning them regularly. I didn’t want the things I found to go straight to landfill as it’s just moving the problem from one place to another. I wanted to create something beautiful from something ugly and discarded and to make people think about the waste they create themselves.”
Donald Sayer November 2019

Instagram @DonaldsDen

We think Donald’s work is absolutely brilliant and we love his ethos. Come on down to Tom Foolery and see what you think!

One of our fabulous artist in residence is locally based Faye Heller

Faye Heller was born in Cornwall in 1972. She slowly made her way up the country (stopping at Plymouth and Farnham) to London, over to Amsterdam, then Brighton where she currently lives with her three children, partner and dog. She in collage, often using found images, and has exhibited across the world, from Birmingham to Bali. We really love Faye’s dramatic take on the world and we hope you do too.

See more here: www.fayeheller.com

The wonderful Mel Sheppard, Brighton based painter, illustrator and gardener

From the West Country, Mel ended up on the south coast after studying painting in Brighton. She make all sorts of bits and bobs and write a bit too.

“I’ve always painted and drawn the things around me. Sometimes the images are realistic and sometimes more imaginary. In my illustrative work I’ve enjoyed depicting old sayings and idioms, I like the double meanings. These sayings often refer to parts of the body and my work is mainly figurative. My canvas’ are bright, mainly acrylics and usually depict some kind of narrative. At the moment I am working on a series of modern fairytale characters. I have often worked as a mural artist on walls of nightclubs, pubs, hotels and a houseboat.”

Discover more about Mel here: www.melsheppard.co.uk

Venue hire and outside catering

Our beautiful shop is fully licensed and available for hire for a range of events from parties to pop-ups. We can also offer a great selection of catering and entertainment options to meet your needs. Having a meeting? We can deliver a fabulous selection of hot and cold sandwiches and paninis, sweet and savoury snacks, as well as hot and cold drinks – including, of course, our coffee! – to the local area. Tom Foolery is also a great venue for breakfast networking events. We would love to help and support you on your quest!

If you are interested in holding an event or exhibition please contact us.

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