Toe Tapping Joy


Bring the atmosphere of Tom Foolery into your home!

As a huge member of the  community in Shoreham, we miss you all so we have created some wonderful Spotify playlists to cheer up your day wether you wanna chill out or dance about. Have some fun on us and we will all be together again soon.

Here are a few of our favourite artists: Spandau Ballet Madness • Fine Young Cannibalss • The Jams • Human Leagues • Eddie Boyds • Young Jessies • Wynonie Harriss • B.B. Kings • Debbie Harrys • Supertramp • Stray Cats. If you have any song suggestions then why not tell us about them! Post your request on our facebook page: TomFooleryCoffee.

Preview our playlists and follow us on Spotify.